Footballers have found in social networks a method to maintain contact with their followers, but also the natives of those networks have achieved a way of contact with their idols.

This is the case of one of the most popular youtuber in Spain, DjMaRiiO (6.5 million subscribers), who thanks to his Madridismo has managed to establish a certain relationship with some players on the squad.

In one of the channels where he collaborates, Post United, has had a chat with Marco Asensio. The Mallorcan was so comfortable that he ended up confessing that it had been “a better interview than some journalists”, an opinion that was influenced by the fact that there was no minimally harsh question.

For about a quarter of an hour, DjMaRiiO is making confessions to Asensio, especially about the serious injury that kept him for almost a year in the dry dock. Of that, the worst memory he has were the moments immediately after breaking down. “The road from the ambulance to the hospital. I was in a lot of pain, the ambulance was going super fast and there were lots of potholes. I was on my mobile talking to the family and uff … “, he recalls a few days that helped him to strengthen himself mentally.

Asensio also takes his chest out of the team, and rejects criticism for not having incorporated. “There is much talk about the issue of transfersBut we have a great squad, one of the best in the world. We have a lot of wardrobe bottoms and we can all play, “he defended.

Asensio is a Madridista, but many clubs were interested in him. “I was able to play for Barça, and other clubs. There have been many interested clubs that ask, but when I signed for Madrid, which was all very fast and with a spectacular treatment, when that opportunity is presented to you it is impossible to say no, “he says, but closes the door when he leaves the team. Blanco: “They have been interested in many moments, but my idea was to continue succeeding in Madrid.”

He referred to two companions, Sergio Ramos and Mendy, as an example of complicated defenses. The captain says it is “very heavy”, due to his experience in training. “Both he and Carvajal, Mendy too … He’s very tough too. Put out your arms and don’t see. Defensively, he has very good concepts of defense … It’s very heavy and it’s very strong“, he says.