Marcelo Serrado loses 4 kg to live as a double in a new soap opera. Details!

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Marcelo Serrado is preparing to live a stunt double of action scenes in “Cara e Coragem”, nine out of seven by Claudia Souto. On the air in “Dança dos Famous”, the actor has been exercising every day. “As there is a lot of action, I need to have my body prepared for this character. I lost 4 kg and I intend to gain 3 kg of mass to be dry. Heartthrob at 50 years old. Now, with ‘Dança’, it will be even better to reach the objective “, told columnist Patrícia Kogut, of the newspaper” O Globo “.

Marcelo Serrado gives details about stunt double in soap opera

In the story, Marcelo will be a stuntman who aged and started to have difficulties in the profession. “His arm hurts, his hand is tired, his leg hurts … These are funny scenes. He will be a fun and very interesting character. And the cast is all good,” he said. Right at the beginning of the plot, the artist’s character opens a stunt company along with the former head of security for a steel company, played by Fabricio Boliveira, and with a rich young man and sports lover, played by Pedro Novaes.

Actor dedicates himself to the ‘Dance of the Famous’

Until the recording begins, Serrado dedicates himself to the painting of “Domingão do Faustão”, as well as Felipe Titto and Juliano Laham, who took over from Henri Castelli, who did not participate in the reality show because of an ankle injury. “We are doing two tests of covid per week. I rehearse in Rio, at Globo Studios, and I go every 15 days to São Paulo, to record. It is impressive the reach of this picture. Many people see it”, commented Marcelo, who will also debut this month at “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” as Ptolemy.

Artist cites difficulty of the painting of ‘Domingão do Faustão’

In a previous interview, Marcelo reported that “Dança” will be a way to help him loosen up and said that he has already thought of a strategy to win over the judges during the presentation. “I think my stick man, because I am, and this thing about having made musicals. Despite being a tough guy, I try to move my body. I think it will be a challenge because I don’t feel relaxed for the dance thing. , it has always been a difficulty for me “, he said.

Marcelo Serrado ponders about his progress in the dispute

According to Marcelo, he does not know if he will go far in the competition: “I don’t think I will go far in the picture because of my difficulty in dancing, but I wanted to participate because it is a challenge and to bring this joy. taking the picture, perhaps, a body relaxation, will help in my career, in the musicals. I was rehearsing a musical before stopping everything, I was doing a tap dance class “, he said.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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