Marcelo Gallardo has all eleven, but Enzo Pérez’s position will determine River’s scheme

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The DT has not yet decided if he will use the Mendoza as a libero or in his usual position. According to that will be the tactical disposition of the team against Godoy Cruz.

Marcelo Gallardo did two tests in the afternoon training session this Wednesday at the Ezeiza campus. And what emerges according to the information collected is that Enzo Pérez’s position on the field of play will determine whether the tactical system It will be with three central markers or if River will continue with a line of four defenders. Enzo played as a central midfielder and also as a libero, the two possible positions according to the schemes managed by the Doll.

One of the teams that Gallardo stopped at one of the RiverCamp fields was: Enrique Bologna; Milton Casco, Santiago Sosa, Javier Pinola, Fabrizio Angileri; Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Cristian Ferreira; Julián Alvarez, Lucas Pratto and Matías Suárez.

In this way, Pérez was in the position he always occupies in midfield and Sosa played as the first central marker. The youth knows that position since in several practices the coach tried it there.

Those eleven will be the ones that will play on Saturday at 9:15 p.m. in Mendoza against Godoy Cruz for the third date of the Professional League Cup. What remains to be defined is the scheme. Why? Because at times Pérez played as a libero.

The Mendoza knows the movements of that position. Many times, when starting from the bottom, he stops in that area so that the centrals can open up and have numerical superiority to start playing from below. In addition, he also played there in some games in Valencia.

If Gallardo opts for Pérez as a libero, in that case Ponzio will play as “5” and Alvarez will go back a few meters in the right sector. That is to say: Bologna; Casco, Sosa, Pérez, Pinola, Angileri; Alvarez, Ponzio, Ferreira; Suárez and Pratto.

This system, with three central markers, was used by the Doll in the first leg final of the 2018 Copa Libertadores in La Bombonera, which was two years old this Wednesday. And he also used it in the final leg of the 2019/20 Super League earlier this year.

Now, circumstances force to rearm the defense in the absence of Gonzalo Montiel, Paulo Díaz and Robert Rojas, who are with the teams of Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, respectively, to play the double round of the South American Qualifiers.

This Friday will be the last practice of the week and the stopped ball will be worked -as usually happens before each game. Surely the Doll will finish defining the tactical system. Whichever it is (with a line of three or four in defense), the eleven starters are already defined.



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