Marc Márquez, the current MotoGP champion who will not choose to revalidate the title due to a shoulder injury, has signaled relaxed that it seems that no one wants to fight to snatch the title from him, and on the other hand, he sees better his brother and partner Álex Márquez, who signed his best position, seventh, in the last race.

“We joke with the team in the video calls we do, because nobody seems to want to win. It seems that nobody wants this World Cup. And the one who has made the least noise is the one who is leading, which is Dovizioso. But we have Nakagami and many other drivers within 25 points, “she commented in an interview facilitated by the team.

“It is difficult to analyze it, it is not understood”Marc says about the World Cup so far, with many riders in one hand. “I expected more from many riders than those in front, but it is very different to be pursued than to be the pursuer. When you are pursued and you know you have to win, you get a lot of doubts, you don’t ride the same, you have a lot to lose”, argument.

Thus, he does not get wet about who may be his successor. “I said that Dovizioso or Quartararo, but neither one nor the other. Now Viñales comes out. I wouldn’t bet on one. I’m not that far away, I’m 84 points, so … Just kidding! “, He pointed out with a laugh.

Continue your recovery

Regarding his recovery from the shoulder injury, he assures that he is “progressing”. “Every time I feel better. I have recently started training and I still have a long way to go to reach my level. The arm is improving, “he celebrated.

“Watching the races on television is what I have been worst,” acknowledged the Cervera driver, who is also recovering muscle mass. “Now the biceps and deltoids are gaining tone, and this is also thanks to the work of Carlos, my physiotherapist, who is living with me at home,” he said.

You can now run and ride a bike, although you are still far from being able to get on a motorcycle. “When I go to the doctor and he tells me ‘this week forget it, you still can’t do a motorcycle or anything’, well I reset and I think it will be the following week. It’s the way to have that motivation,” he said.

Recovery is marking the bone. As much as one forces, the bone has a regeneration time and that is what we are waiting for. It is what is holding us back, because we have to wait for everything to be well consolidated, “he added in this regard.