It was going to be little more than a week, it ended up becoming a month, it was complicated until a term of two or three and in the end it can be almost a year. Injury from Marc Márquez That has already forced him not to play a race in 2020 is taking much longer than expected, and the pain has not just subsided.

Although Márquez already bikes and is trying to stay in shape, as confirmed by his surroundings, he has not yet been able to get on a motorcycle since he crashed in Jerez in July. “Little by littleWe cannot run more than we should, “they say to this newspaper.

The situation has resulted in Márquez testing various medical opinions, and does not rule out anything, including go under the knife again. If you decide to operate again, the estimated time of withdrawal to be at 100% can be about six months, which would cause a very sensitive and unaffordable loss for Honda. So much that have already begun to consider an alternative, in case your lead driver is not ready.

There are currently very desirable pilots on the market, with Andrea Dovizioso to the head. The Italian has stayed no gap in Ducati And he has not found a place in another team, so he has resigned himself to a sabbatical. Since ‘The Gazzetta dello Sport’ point to what is the first candidate for Repsol Honda in case Márquez has surgery.

For its part, Emilio Alzamora, Márquez’s representative and 125cc champion in 1999, has not held his tongue. “In Austria the team was clear. He said it was an injury that its time was two or three months and Marc is not yet to get on the bike. Recovery is slower than normal, because things were not done well from the beginning“, said in AS.