Maraisa donates plasma to help victims of Covid-19 and admits to contracting disease

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Simaria fulfills two weeks of isolation

Maraisa was pleased to see her donation bag full. “I’m going to win even a blanket, I’m behaving very well. Look at my plasma, people”, he had fun. In early September, Simaria was cured of covid-19 after two weeks in isolation. The reunion with the children Pawel, age 4 and Giovanna, age 8, was exciting. “What a joy to be here, sharing this news with you: ‘I am healed’. Gratitude for prayers, for all love, for life! Another stage concluded with serenity and, mainly, a lot of love. Thank you for all the beautiful messages I’ve received in the past few days. I cannot measure in words all the affection and strength I received from my family, friends and all my fans “, he declared.

Sertanejo Cauan had outbreaks during covid-19

In the world of celebrities, other artists tested positive for the coronavirus, such as Luísa Sonza, Agatha Moreira, Wesley Safadão, Fernanda Paes Leme, Preta Gil, among others. Cleber’s partner, Cauan stayed in the ICU in a serious condition and presented 70% of the lung affected by the disease. Already recovered, the singer gave reports of the moments suffered by the special bed. “I had two very strong outbreaks that, at that moment there, I would rather die than feel what I was feeling. No [era dor], shortness of breath, perhaps. But I don’t remember it very well, “he told” Fantástico “.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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