Maradona He temporarily moved to the exclusive neighborhood of San Andrés, in Tigre, after being operated on for a clot in the brain to have a quiet recovery in a private area. The late ex-footballer I could go for a walk in a relaxed way in the surroundings of the house where he was only a few weeks, without having more worries than recovering.

One of his last days, Maradona, on one of his regular walks, was recorded by a neighbor and her son, who were surprised to find the greatest idol in the history of Argentina walking in front of his house, without knowing that it would be one of the last times I would.

In the images you can see Diego with great difficulty walking, being escorted by two men to whom he is subject, and another who accompanied him with a chair in case Pelusa got tired.

However, do not hesitate greet the child when he hears him call Maradona, forgetting for a moment his physical problems. “Maradona greeted me!”the boy exclaimed to his mother, without being aware that they would be one of the last people to see the ‘Ten’ alive.