Keep popping up details about Maradona’s death, last Wednesday, a few weeks after Diego was subjected to a delicate operation for a clot in the brain. However, the recovery seemed to be well under way, when the terrible news of his death was known.

A death of which little by little details of the context in which it occurred, with whom he was or who discovered it, are being known. According to the latest information, Maradona was in the company of his nephew at his home in Tigre, where he was recovering from the operation, who ended up being the last person to see him alive.

I feel bad“, were the last words of Maradona directed towards his nephew, before going to get closer to the bed from which he would never get up. The next morning, one of his assistants went to wake him up After the arrival of his psychologist and psychiatrist, and despite trying to revive him with a medical neighbor, they were unable to keep him alive.

Maradona, a person who always lived surrounded by a huge entourage, died alone in his sleep, in the Argentine early morning from Tuesday to Wednesday, leaving a generation of football lovers orphaned who will go to say goodbye at the wake this Thursday at the Casa Rosada, where up to a million people are expected to attend.