Maradona’s health: the doctors have a plan but Diego always has the ball

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Specialists recommend that you stay in the hospital for several more days to control the postoperative period and plan a long-term treatment.

The tug of war over who is in charge of Diego Maradona’s recovery came into play and will be decisive in defining the steps to follow. And in this area, it is not only the famous surroundings, among which the most visible extremes are, on the one hand, Matías Morla and, on the other, Dalma and Gianinna. There is a central actor who will be the one who, as always, sets the pulse and that is Maradona himself.

The therapists at the Olivos Clinic, his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, and the psychologist and psychiatrist who joined the team that monitors Diego’s day-to-day life, agree that the best thing for this moment is for him to stay in the hospital for as long as possible. With a downwind and an accessible Maradona, he could spend the next week in the sanatorium.

The operation for the subdural hematoma requires extreme care in the short term until the wound closes and the natural expansion of the brain occurs internally to complete that space that was obstructed by the hematoma. A premature discharge and the chance of any neglect far from the eyes of doctors is a risk that specialists do not intend to assume.

And in parallel, the bigger issue: the withdrawal picture product of the addictions that for so long were physically and emotionally damaging the best soccer player in history.

“We are in a moment of great uncertainty because we do not know. It is very ugly. Personally, after the death of my mother, it is the first moment that I live so strong in relation to seeing a loved one so badly, so I hope let him continue to recover, “Morla said after visiting Maradona on Saturday morning.

Thinking about what is coming and, regardless of how long the hospitalization lasts, several questions arise. What will happen to Diego when they can discharge him? How will the assistants who live with him make him comply with the guidelines that the doctors will impose on him? What will be the balance of the conflict between a family sector and the circle that accompanies Diego every day? Will you still live in Brandsen?

The question now is to know to what extent the reins of the treatment remain in the hands of the doctors and how that tension will be managed when Diego stops being sedated and wants to return home. And even more so, when Diego is already out of the clinic.

Trying to dominate the destinies of a 60-year-old man is unlikely. Trying to govern Maradona’s decisions seems almost impossible. “Diego is very difficult. We are trying to be stronger than him ”, Luque summed up.

In addition to agreeing that the best thing is for him to remain hospitalized for several more days, the doctors who are on top of Diego agree on another key point: they are facing an opportunity. Is now.

The aim is to chart a long-term treatment and aim for results that will not be immediate but that are intended to be definitive. They also know the difficulties of the patient. And that like everything that happened in his 60 years of life, the ball will end up at Maradona’s feet.


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