Maradona’s health: “Diego is sedated and stabilized,” said the new specialists who assist him

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The psychologist Carlos Diaz and the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov accompany the group of specialists working on the recovery of the Gymnastics DT. They reiterated that he will continue to be hospitalized and gave details of the treatment.

The psychiatrist and psychologist who joined the work team that cares for Diego Maradona during his hospitalization at the Olivos Clinic, said this Friday that the former soccer player “is stabilized and is going to stay a few more days” in the health center. The message is given in the same vein as Leopoldo Luque, Diez’s personal physician, had said hours earlier, who had stated that they would initiate “short-term acute treatment” to try to solve the problems derived from the abstinence he suffers.

“They are giving him the most appropriate medications for this moment, he is sedated and everything that has to do with sleep and diet was stabilized, which are the two important parameters for his recovery,” said psychologist Carlos Diaz and the psychiatrist Agustina Cosachov in a brief dialogue with the press at the door of the clinic.

Both professionals remarked that they work as a team with other therapists and with Luque.

Asked about the confusion that according to Luque had affected the world soccer idol days ago, before his hospitalization, Cosachov said that “he receives the necessary treatments for his condition, this is day by day, he is well and his family is at so much of everything. “

“We are working together with Dr. Leopoldo Luque and with the medical and therapist team of the Olivos Clinic to take care of Diego Maradona’s health. In the postoperative context, withdrawal symptoms and other parameters that we have to do with rest, appetite and mood appeared, ”said Cosachov.

And he added: “There are certain adjustments that we have to see and it seemed appropriate that he stay a few more days for that. Hospitalization time is day by day, we have to see the evolution of the patient but he is getting better and better ”.

Díaz reiterated that Diego’s evolution “is surprising as we are used to” and gave details of the steps to follow. “Now we are accommodating all the parameters, trying to normalize sleep and eating”,

Maradona was operated successfully last Tuesday for a subdural hematoma, and his recovery “is very good,” Luque reiterated this morning, who insisted that Diego remain hospitalized and pointed out: “He is a difficult patient, they know us what it is to deal with Diego But this time we won’t do what he wants. “


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