The income of Diego Maradona in a hospital in La Plata, he immediately caused a panic over his health, already delicate for a long time. At once, speculation about his situation began, since he was Covid-19 (had been in contact with a positive) until it was the result of a return to his drug addiction.

For this reason, to silence rumors that are not always well intentioned, the personal doctor of ‘Pelusa’, Leopoldo Luque, clarified how he is and why they decided to admit him.

“You have to be calm, it is not an emergency situation. Diego is fine, but he can be much better. I proposed to him to come to hospital and he accepted, it is an agreement, “he explained to the media at the door of the hospital where the Gymnastics and Fencing coach is.

Luque was eloquent about Maradona’s medical situation. “This has nothing to do with the Covid, not with a ACV (cerebrovascular accident, stroke) or with a theme of addiction“, he insisted, and anticipates that he will stay a few more days until he stabilizes.” Let’s see how long he stays, Diego is fine, he is not in Intensive Care, he is in a ward, the ideal would be to have him at least three days to put it right, it is not an emergency situation, “he reiterated.

Alcohol and anxiolytics

Maradona he is not a healthy person, far from it. Takes time with cardiovascular problems, derived from his past excesses, and although he has already cocaine, alcohol is being a serious problem in his life. All of this is coupled with recurrent insomnia that forces him to take anxiolytics.

“Has some prescription anxiolytics for quite some time. They are treatments that we continue because some medications cannot be obtained just like that. The body develops tolerance and withdrawing them drastically can cause problems, “Dr. Luque himself explained a few months ago.

“And alcohol. He drinks, but we’re working on it. Diego is clean of cocaine, completely, but at times he has excesses with alcohol and at times not. This stop, this quarantine and family problems are terrible for him, “he admitted.