Diego Armando Maradona has once again captured all eyes during the friendly match that Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata disputed before San Lorenzo de Almagro. The coach wore a peculiar mask to protect himself from the COVID that has made him a viral phenomenon.

During the crash, the 59-year-old technician used a mask that resembled an astronaut helmet, a protection measure that left no one indifferent and caused a wave of reactions all types.

Maradona was the target of social networks, where dozens of taunts and memes for the mask with which he appeared in the stadium Pedro Bidegain, to the point that they compared him to Buzz Lightyear, the popular space character who stars in the saga ‘Toy Story’.

The Argentine coach came up against the jokes that occurred on social networks and used his own account to explain that the aforementioned mask is a device that his personal doctor, Leopoldo Luque, recommended to use for being a risk patient.

Of course, if something attracted more attention than the striking mask was that ‘El Pelusa’ did not hesitate to hug and kiss with the president of San Lorenzo, Marcelo Tinelli, who came down to greet him upon arrival at the stadium.