The remains of Diego Armando Maradona were buried this Thursday in a cemetery on the outskirts of Buenos Aires after the massive and chaotic farewell that thousands of Argentines gave to the top Argentine soccer star.

Maradona was buried in the Jardin Bella Vista cemetery, about 40 kilometers from the Argentine capital and where his parents were already buried, Diego Maradona and Dalma Salvadora Franco, popularly known as ‘Don Diego’ and ‘Doña Tota’, who died in 2015 and 2011, respectively.

Only about thirty people He participated in the last goodbye to ‘Pelusa’ in the cemetery, where a religious ceremony presided over by a priest was held next to the coffin, wrapped in an Argentine flag.

In the intimate farewell they participated relatives Maradona, including his daughters Dalma and Gianinna, his ex-wife Claudia Villafañe and your former representative Guillermo Cóppola.

The ceremony was private and lasted about an hour.

It was the end of a day marked by a goodbye popular not exempt from demonstrations of pain, soccer passion and even violent street riots.

By decision of the family, the remains of ‘el 10’ were veiled in a burning chapel mounted in one of the main rooms of the Casa Rosada, headquarters of the Executive.

The burning chapel was open to the public for almost twelve hours in which the passage of thousands of followers of the former footballer, who died on Wednesday at the age of 60, was incessant.

The line to enter the Casa Rosada was almost two kilometers and the incidents were unleashed when some followers, fearing they could not access before the imminent closure of the burning chapel, they knocked down fences and clashed with the police.

There were even tense moments inside the Government House, which forced to close the access and remove the coffin to an adjoining room For security.

According to official sources confirmed to Efe, due to the disturbances, thirteen people arrested and they turned out eleven policemen and one civilian injured, that he was admitted to a hospital for mild head trauma caused by a stone.

After the wake, Maradona’s remains were transferred to the cemetery in a funeral procession that was greeted as it passed by thousands of people during the tour.

Maradona died this Wednesday in a house on the outskirts of Buenos Aires where he had moved this month after having been admitted to two health centers and undergoing surgery of a subdural hematoma.

His death unleashed reactions from great sports, cultural and political figures in Argentina and around the world.