Mar del Plata Film Festival: the controversy surrounding the name change of the Astor Awards continues

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The reaction of the bandoneon player’s family was joined by producer Lino Patalano, among other voices, while INCAA remains silent.

Just three weeks before the start of a new edition of the Mar del Plata Film Festival, which will take place between next November 21 and 29, the news that the awards that have been named since 2004 Astor will be renamed Wolf It caused a kind of tremor in the world of cinema and aroused a controversy that is far from over.

The first reaction started from Ástor Piazzolla’s own family, to whom the distinction paid tribute by virtue of his Mar del Plata origin and his universal significance, at the same time as for his contribution to the musical production linked to the cinema, through his participation in the creation of at least 44 soundtracks of movies.

“From the year 2005 to the present day INCAA ‘delivered’ the award ‘Love’ as the highest accolade to winners at the MdP International Film Festival. We say ‘delivered’ because the authorities of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts: Luis Puenzo (President), Nicolas Batlle (Vice President) and Raúl Rodriguez Peila (General Management), have decided to replace ‘Astor’ by ‘The wolf’ in reference to the mammal that inhabits the South Seas, “said the post, published on the social networks of the Ástor Piazzolla Foundation and also on the account of his son, Daniel.

However, the bandoneonist’s family explained that it is not a claim that they perpetuate the name Astor to refer to said award. “But We think such a change is unfortunate (and not very thoughtful)“, he warned.

In the same sense the director and producer expressed himself Lino Patalano, who wrote another message that multiplied on the networks, in which the “amazement and much pain” that the measure adopted by the authorities of the Institute chaired by the director Luis Puenzo is revealed.

“As a man of culture that I am and recognizing that my collaboration with it has never had to do with the cinematographic branch since I have dedicated these last 50 years almost exclusively to theater, I can’t understand why such a determination is made in such a light and inconsistent way, as if it were something as inconsequential as when it was renamed Ombú, and I say this without knowing how the ombúes reacted since although they die standing up, the trees still do not speak ” Patalano.

And stressed the international prestige of Piazzolla, with the certainty that the decision will also generate consternation in spaces of culture beyond the borders of Argentina. “In my case it is true that they could reach me ‘the generals of the law’ for having been first his admirer and directly responsible for his first presentation on a theatrical stage proper and later his dear friend, but this is not enough to cloud my sense of such disproportionate injustice. I still think they are in time to review this question“, he concluded.

Meanwhile, from the official side, they were unsuccessful attempts because the authorities of the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) and the Mar del Plata International Film Festival will speak and make their points of view known.

Yes it is known that on Monday the Festival will release a statement, which will be with respect to the launch of the Festival, which will start on Saturday November 21 and end on Sunday 29. There, in principle, they will talk about the virtual modality that the only Class A Festival in Latin America will have, and the announcement cannot be bypassed the name change of the award, if it is confirmed.

Let us remember that the Festival was inaugurated on March 8, 1954 by the then president Juan Domingo Peron, and after an interruption since 1970, he returned in 1996. Originally the awards were called Ombú, until the year 2004 in which they changed their name, becoming called Ástor, in honor of the composer.

Among the soundtracks whose authorship corresponds to the musician from Mar del Plata, those of Gardel’s exile: Tangos, Lumiere, The fiaca, Hell so feared, Sure Y Winter barracks.



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