Man’s death in custody to be revealed through prosecutor’s video release.

Next week, prosecutors plan to release a video that led the authorities in Virginia to charge seven deputies and three state mental hospital employees with second-degree murder. The victim was Irvo Otieno, a Black man who died while being restrained by officers despite not appearing combative. His family saw the 12-minute footage of his death on Thursday and gave their approval for its public release. Attorneys for the family stated that it showed deputies pushing down and smothering Otineo with absolute brutality while he was handcuffed and shackled. Ten people have been charged so far in connection with his death.

Irvo Otieno had mental health struggles when he encountered law enforcement earlier this month, according to his family’s attorneys. This set off a chain of events leading to him spending several days in custody before dying on March 6 as he was being admitted to Central State Hospital South of Richmond. The case has drawn attention because it is yet another example of an in-custody death involving a Black person under scrutiny from law enforcement agencies across America.

The lawyers representing those arrested have not seen the video yet but expressed disappointment at how the prosecution seems more interested in currying public favor than letting due process take its course through criminal justice channels instead of trying cases via media coverage or other means outside legal procedures.

Prosecutors say they will soon make available a disturbing video showing how police officers pushed down Irvo Otieno until he stopped breathing even though there were no signs indicating resistance from him; all parts of his body were subjected brutally during those agonizing moments captured on tape where life-saving help appeared non-existent after determining that Otteneio had already become lifeless.

The incident is part of an ongoing debate about racial inequality within American policing systems following similar incidents such as Tyre Nichols’ fatal beating by Memphis police earlier this year or George Floyd’s killing while under arrest three years ago Minneapolis – both also black men who are now remembered worldwide as symbols against any form excessive use-of-force committed against minorities especially African Americans like them.

Irvo Otieno grew up outside Richmond after immigrating from Kenya as a child., He struggled mentally throughout much of adulthood which eventually landed him behind bars prior to experiencing what would be ultimately fatal interactions between himself & authorities last month when taken into custody without explanation but citing “recent erratic behavior” concerning loved ones close enough familiarize themselves better than officials could ever hope do alone unless aided by psychiatric professionals equipped diagnose disorders beyond just surface symptoms like outbursts (which may very well stem psychological issues worth investigating).

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