Manolo Lama He arrived home much later than expected after the match between Ukraine and the Spanish soccer team that he narrated for Cadena COPE. The Cordovan journalist had a breakdown in your car after arriving in Madrid and was stranded on the M30. He called a taxi to pick him up … and this one broke down too.

All this was told live, in ‘El Partidazo de COPE’, between laughter from Juanma Castaño and the rest of the audience. Lama took it with his usual humor, especially when he began to congregate people in the area.

“I already told you, Juanma, that what starts badly ends badly. I’m lying at kilometer 8.1 of the M30, the lady who has picked me up in a taxi has suddenly run out of battery or electricity and I’m like an asshole waiting for them to come pick us up“he began, while in the COPE studio they laughed.

“My wife is listening to me but she is not going to come for me,” he admitted, although he was relatively close to leaving his home, the goal. “How Carlos Sainz in that World Cup that he lost, “said the former soccer player Santi Cañizares and current commentator of the chain, while Lama waited for the taxi driver’s husband to pick him up.

To add surrealism to the situation, Lama could not comply with the security measures in these cases, since he did not take the reflective vest. “Above the windows have been blocked and I could not get it. This not even scripted comes out so well“was trying to joke Lama, who recorded a video of the moment and everything.

Within a few minutes of the conversation, people to arrive before the journalist’s ‘call for help’. A taxi driver even got out of his house to fetch him, but Lama declined his offer because he was “kidnapped” by the woman while they were waiting for her husband.

Things started to get out of hand, when other drivers who were in the area began to whistle at him as they passed. Even a carnival horn was heard. “The one we’re messing with, kid”, said Lama, who asked to do the EGM survey (in which COPE comes out from behind the SER and the one they suspect) in that area.

In the end, a tow truck came for the car and Lama arrived home, in another taxi, but left a great radio moment.