Manhattan DA Bragg cautions of intimidation post Trump’s protest call in private communication.

Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, responded to Donald Trump’s call for supporters to protest his pending indictment by sending a private email to office employees. The email stated that the office does not tolerate any attempts at intimidating or threatening the rule of law in New York. Additionally, Bragg emphasized that all threats against their office will be investigated and proper safeguards put in place for their 1,600 staff members.

Bragg also noted that they have been working with the New York Police Department and Office of Court Administration regarding this matter. He reiterated his commitment to apply laws fairly without bias and only speak publicly when appropriate. However, he did not mention Trump by name but referred instead to public comments surrounding an ongoing investigation conducted by their office.

The district attorney condemned any potential acts of violence as unacceptable while stating confidence in law enforcement partners’ ability to maintain order within its jurisdictional boundaries.

Furthermore, it is essential always; we continue applying justice equally across society regardless of individuals’ social status or political affiliations since no one should feel above the law.

Bragg reminded everyone involved about following due processes before arriving at conclusions on issues under investigation because jumping into hasty judgment could lead down a slippery slope.

It is noteworthy saying here that irrespective if anyone holds presidential power previously or currently still holding such positions must face justice like every other citizen if found violating weapons related offenses which are deadly crimes too

Finally yet importantly said nothing comes above preserving peace amongst ourselves as citizens who share common goals–upholding societal values through maintaining civility among us even amidst disagreements over policy preferences- especially within democracy where diversity thrives based on mutual respect towards different ideas so long those opinions do not infringe upon others’ fundamental rights

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