Mandy Moore could have been Britney Spears and ended up being the Rebecca Pearson in This Is Us

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With a solid past as a singer, seven albums recorded and a fan of Bette Midler and Madonna, she found her rise to fame in the series. In her childhood, in Orlando, she was the girl who sang the Hymn in the acts. She was the girlfriend of tennis player Andy Roddick.

It is already known that Rebecca Pearson, the mother of This Is UsShe is much more than a frustrated singer turned homemaker. What is not so well known is that the actress who gives it life, Mandy Moore, it could have been Britney Spears, but she stayed halfway, even though fate held this series for him as a huge reward.

For Mandy there was a life as an aspiring pop star before becoming an example of a mother and wife in fiction created by Dan Fogelman. Born on April 10, 1984, she grew up in Altamonte Springs, a small Florida town outside of Orlando. His mother, Stacy, is a former journalist who worked for the newspaper Orlando Sentinel, and her father, Donald “Don” Moore, is a pilot for American Airlines.

Since I was a girl Moore wanted to be an actress and singer. Already as a child she began to act in local theater productions, and was a repeated figurine when singing the U.S. national anthem at events held in Orlando. That is why it began to be known as la National Anthem Girl, that is, the “National Anthem Girl”.

At age 13 he began to give recitals in bars and private parties. Legend has it that one day, while working in the studio, she was overheard by a FedEx private mail employee who had a friend at the Epic Records label. He was dazzled by that girl’s voice and sent his friend a recording of Mandy’s repertoire. After a while, Mandy was signing a contract.

He dropped out of high school to get to work on his debut album. And in early 1999, she went on a North American tour as the opening act for ‘N Sync, an experience she repeated with the Backstreet Boys. When it came out Candy, his first single, was a bestseller, and They compared her to other teen pop singers like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and Christina Aguilera.

Admirer of Bette Midler y de MadonnaAt that time, she was a platinum blonde who, with her soprano voice, dreamed of reaching Britney’s worldwide popularity. He came to present it as his main rival. To his first two albums, So Real Y I Wanna Be With YouThey did well, but not enough to rival the Princess of Pop.

By 2001, when he was preparing his third album, Moore was already saying things like “all the music is looking and sounding the same.” He also declared that he had decided that he did not want “any more dancer or sing more. playback“That is to say, he was beginning to reject the machinery of prefabricated pop. But his voice allowed him to start an alternative career in cinema.

She landed in Hollywood that same year, voicing a bear in Doctor Dolittle 2 and with a small role in Diary of a princess, where she presented herself as the antagonist of a very young Anne Hathaway.

Then he got a leading role in A love to remember, later a secondary role in Because I say it!, with Diane Keaton, and in License to marry, where he shared the poster with Robin Williams. Her perfect voice led her years later to be Rapunzel in Tangled Y Entangled forever, Disney, and sing all their songs.

He continued to record records (Coverage, 2003; Wild Hope, 2007; Amanda Leigh, 2009), but his focus was on acting. At the same time that he worked in cinema, he began to participate in series.

Meanwhile, her heart ached from a series of unfortunate relationships. His first love was Wilmer Valderrama, from the series That ‘70s Show, when they were both 16 years old: they lasted until they were 18. Then he was with the actor Zach Braff, from Scrubs, between 2004 and 2006. And then was in a relationship with tennis player Andy Roddick, which at that time became number one in the ranking, but they separated after he was unfaithful.

Her longest and most toxic partner was with singer Ryan Adams. They were together from 2009 until their divorce, in 2016. The singer was denounced by several couples before Moore for his violent nature. Anyway, while maintaining this relationship Mandy was away from music: as she later recounted, he constantly told her that she lacked talent.

At the same time that she got rid of that undesirable husband, her final takeoff came with This Is Us, his first leading role in a series. Her musical career was on hiatus and she couldn’t find film projects that excited her. So she tried out for the role of Rebecca and for audiences around the world she became that girl with a harmonious voice, daughter of a rich family, who sang in a bar when she meets the love of her life, Jack.

They are the roots of This Is Us, the twins’ parents Kevin (Justin Hartley) and Kate (Chrissy Metz), and the “triplet” adopted on the same day the babies were born, Randall (Sterling K. Brown). That is to say, “The Big Three”.

“She is everything you can expect her to be. She is joyful, fun, a deep and meaningful worker. It is always present. She is very connected to her character, Rebecca, and committed to her character. For all intents and purposes, when the cameras are rolling, we are husband and wife. She’s a beautiful woman and she’s kind and cool, smart and funny, but she’s also a good, kind human being and that makes the job even better. ” Who said it?

The actor Milo Ventimiglia, who plays Jack Pearson, raves about praise for his fellow poster, on the series broadcasts Fox Premium and DirecTV Go. And is that Mandy Moore infuses Rebecca with all the emotional palette necessary for her to evolve over the years, from that innocent twentysomething to become the grandmother of her children’s children.


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