Edinson Cavani He is already a new Manchester United player. The veteran Uruguayan forward leaves the PSG after seven years, after being increasingly cornered by the push of Neymar, Mbappé and company. 301 games, 200 goals and a fundamental contribution to six league titles They have made him a legend in the French team.

Now, at 33, he goes free to the Manchester United, which was imposed in the bidding to other teams that also tested the Uruguayan captain.

Cavani was on the agenda of several teams, such as the Brazilian Gremio de Porto Alegre, which ruled him out due to his high cost. In others, in the case of the Spaniards, he found the competition in two of the great Spaniards who tested him: Atlético and Real Madrid.

In the case of the rojiblancos, the difficulty in closing the deal and that Luis Suarez, his partner in the Uruguay attack, put himself within range made the rudder turn in favor of the already ex-Barcelona player. However, the name of Cavani it had been years in the wish list mattress.

Also in Real Madrid they tested him. He high cost of your token, the difficulty to fit a player of his profile into the current scheme and the refusal of the footballer himself who preferred to go to Atlético caused his signing to be canceled before even reaching the final stretch of this transfer market.