The future of Leo Messi is still one of the biggest unknowns of the current football scene, after the Argentine has not yet renewed and assured in summer that he wanted to leave. An exit that could not be promoted in September, but that in no way is it ruled out for the season finale, when the Argentine finishes contract.

In fact, from the next January 1, coinciding with the opening of the winter transfer market, Messi you can freely negotiate a contract and sign like that with any other team. A bid in which the best teams in Europe are expected to enter, even if it is to try their luck, but in which the main candidate to take the ’10’ will not be until now: the Manchester City.

According to the journalist Semra Hunter in Sky Sports, Pep Guardiola’s team is not going to get into the fight to take the Argentine and they have already ruled out his signing. “I know from people close to the operation that City is not going to bid for Messi. According to the information that I have today this door is closed, “he said.

“City have two reasons for this: age and financial outlay. Although it would come at zero cost, his salary is astronomical. Earn some 100 million euros per year. It would be a huge financial burden for any club. Especially if we consider that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, “Hunter added.

A surprising decision that makes FC Barcelona breathe, even a little, as well as the candidates for the elections, who see as the favorite to sign Messi, they rule out doing so, although really keep the enemy at home.