Manchester City does not lose hope or lower its guard to go for Lionel Messi if he leaves Barcelona

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The director of operations of the English club referred to the recent movement that was generated in the tournament to Leo’s pass and left the door open for a possible hiring.

The burofax tsunami passed. But that attempt to leave Lionel Messi from Barcelona was stung. Not only in Spain, but occasionally in England. Manchester City was the team that came closest to “10” in those days of intense negotiations. And, apparently, they still dream of having a certain chance to close in the pass of football history.

“If Leo Messi leaves Barsa and becomes a possibility, we could explore the option of his transfer“, said Omar Berrado, the head of City operations, in statements to The Athletic.

“The fact that there was talk of his signing for Manchester City shows how much the entity has grown in recent years. Now we have the best talents of his generation and there was talk that he could play with us, ”said Berrado.

Beyond Messi’s differences with the Barcelona leadership, there were at the same time several factors that brought him closer to Manchester City, such as the economic capacity of the Citizens, a long-term contract and the link with Pep Guardiola.

In the end, the exit was not possible. Leo has a contract with Barsa until mid-2021. After what happened in the last market, it is impossible to ensure that he will retire in Catalonia.

What will happen next year? Berrado did not do futurology. But he did say that “Leo Messi is an exception to possible investments out of the ordinary because he is a generational talent.”

He added: “Messi is an incredible talent, someone who can have a spectacular impact on any club in the world. the best in the world and I think any team would like to have it with them. “

Different was the answer that Guardiola had given three weeks ago, when asked about City’s dream by Leo: “I don’t think I have to explain anything. Messi has already expressed his feelings very well and I have nothing to add. He is a footballer of the Barcelona, ​​the club that I love. There is no more to talk about “.


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