Manaus could be the first city in the world to be immunized against the coronavirus

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The Brazilian city of Manaos, which months ago had its health and funeral services collapsed due to the coronavirus pandemic, may have reached the herd immunity with 66% of its population infected, according to A study released this week and pending review.

The report, the work of an international group led by researchers from the University of Sao Paulo (USP), has pointed out that the capital of the state of Amazonas experienced the peak of the curve in mid-May, when around the 46% of its inhabitants I had already contracted SARS-CoV-2.

In June it increased to 65% and in the following two months it remained at around 66%, suggesting that the city, which has a population of about two million, may have reached the herd immunity against Covid-19.

“Exposure to the virus itself caused a drop in the number of new cases and deaths in Manaus. However, our results indicate much higher seroprevalence than that estimated in previous studies, “said USP professor Ester Sabino, coordinator of the research.

The results of the investigation, which has had the support of the São Paulo State Research Amparo Foundation (FAPESP) and were published on the medRxiv platform, are the result of the combination of mathematical modeling and serological analysis carried out between February and August from blood samples.

However, scientists warned that antibodies detected in tests “decay rapidly” and “a few months after contagion”, according to Lewis Buss, first author of the study, in which the Medical Research Council and Newton Fund, both institutions in the United Kingdom, also participated.

“This is clearly happening in Manaus, which shows the importance of adopting serial measures to understand the evolution of the disease, “he added in a note.

In fact, in recent weeks, the Amazon capital live a rebound in the number of cases and deaths of Covid-19, which has forced the Mayor’s Office to return to the “emergency situation”, impose new restrictions and strengthen its network of hospitals.

This increase could also be linked to the de-escalation plan, which began in June and through which the main economic activities of the region were gradually resumed.

According to official data, they were reported in the city 4,158 new cases of coronavirus between September 1 and 17, compared to the 3,971 notified in the same period of August, although the figures could be higher due to the enormous under-notification that prevails throughout Brazil.

Besides, the Intensive care bed occupancy increased 6% in the public network and 10% in the private one.

Manaus also tends to receive many of the medical emergency that occur in the interior of the state of Amazonas, which until last Monday accounted for 3,964 deaths and 131,920 confirmed cases.

Brazil is the second country in the world with the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 (137,272), only surpassed by the United States, and the third with the highest number of confirmed cases (4,558,068), behind only the United States and India.



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