Management expert: – An unresolved conflict can hamper the national team further

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Management experts believe that the unrest in the national team can provide energy and be used for something positive – but it requires that Lars Lagerbäck gets cleaned up. Now.

– I hope and believe that Lagerbäck spends time cleaning up in the situation they have come up in. If not, it will continue to rain. An unresolved conflict can hamper the national team further, says Frode Heldal, associate professor at the Norwegian School of Management at NTNU.

– If Lars Lagerbäck does not get cleaned up quickly, he faces the danger of “losing the locker room”, as it is called in the language of football.

He therefore believes it is important how Lars Lagerbäck manages to put this ball dead. And that the way Alexander Sørloth was put in place may not have been the best:

– In high-performance groups like this, it is important that disagreements and alternative understandings come up and emerge. That people say no. The kind of reprimand we see here shows the rest of the team that the smartest thing might be to shut up. It can have strong symbolic significance, says Heldal.

VG wrote on Saturday

between RB Leipzig striker Alexander Sørloth and the national team’s assistant coach Per Joar Hansen in connection with the Northern Ireland match. On Wednesday, VG was able to reveal more details about the prelude to the same meeting, which is described as heated and with loud exchanges between Sørloth and the national team manager at Thon Hotel Storo in Oslo. .

– High energy is basically positive. In this type of group, it should “smoke and fly” a bit, it is part of the game. Leadership in such groups can actually be more about nurturing this energy, rather than killing it. As a reprimand will contribute to, Heldal believes – but adds:

– At the same time, it is and should be allowed for Lagerbäck to make mistakes, and showing his vulnerability and humanity as he does now, can strengthen relationships. But they must spend time dealing with this and interpreting it into something constructive.

Heldal emphasizes that he only knows the case from the media, but sees the revelations in VG as a sign that others in the national team environment have reacted to what happened during the gathering last and that it therefore came out.

– We do not know much about what has happened, but in any case it can not continue – because then it can get worse.

Even Bolstad, general manager of HR Norway, sees it the same way:

– What happens next becomes important. If the group experiences that they have actually quarreled, and that Sørloth is not punished for giving feedback, it can strengthen trust, unity and the climate of expression. And the opposite.


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