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Austin Stevens, 29, is the coach of the Lower Providence Warriors football team and murderer of his daughter Zara Scruggs barely ten months old. He has been arrested in Pennsylvania (United States) for brutally rape the baby causing death.

Before calling 911, Stevens searched the internet for things related to infant death such as “What if you can’t hear your baby’s breathing or heartbeat”, “My baby isn’t breathing,” and “How do you know if a baby is dead?”. He finally called an ambulance an hour after the girl was unconscious and after chatting with several women he was meeting, according to local media.

When the emergency services and the police arrived, they immediately transferred the baby to the hospital, where died just two hours later for internal injuries caused by the rape, as later determined by the autopsy.

During the investigation of the apartment, which had no electricity, running water or heating, the agents they found the diaper soaked in blood that little Zara was wearing at the time of the sexual assault. The autopsy certified that the baby suffered a anorectal trauma and trauma from blows to the headthe Daily Mail and Metro UK learned.

Zara’s grandfather stated that he was totally in shock: “He always respected me, he always respected us. Not in a million years would you think something like this could happen“The grandmother assured that the baby” made the days happy “and that she had learned to walk very recently.

Stevens was arrested with child rape charges, aggravated abuse, aggravated indecent abuse and endangering the welfare of a minor, among others. He is in the Montgomery County Correctional Facility prison after not being able to pay the bail of one million dollars filed. The preliminary trial will be held on October 13.



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