Cast Dominic West and Lily James was photographed kissing in Rome this week. Several entertainment sites and newspapers have written about it.

West is married Catherine FitzGeraldin and the couple has not been divorced. West and FitzGerald have four children in common. Now the couple has issued a public statement to reporters highlighting their strong relationship. The couple pinned the patch outside their home gate.

– Our marriage is strong and we are still together. Thank you!

The tag has been signed by both West and FitzGerald. In addition, they posed together to photographers in front of their house so that no one would be unclear that the couple was really together. They also kissed spectacularly.

Dominic West is best known for his role in The Affair series. West’s character is a thunderstorm who falls in love with a waitress and starts a relationship without knowing his wife.

The note left by West has caused a great deal of hilarity on social media. There are publications on the subject Thousands on Twitter.

Dominic West, 54, is also known for his numerous theater roles. Many also remember him as Jimmy McNultuna from the television series Yarn.

Lily James, who kissed West in Rome, is known for her films, for example Cinderella – The Story of Cinderella, Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again !, Yesterday and The darkest moment.

Lily James has not commented on kisses on any entertainment site.