On Monday, Malta demanded the tooth back, but on Tuesday there was already another sound on the clock. Malta said the British prince George should be happy to keep the tooth of a shark as a gift. According to the news agency Reuters.

The seven-year-old little prince received a gift over the weekend from a naturalist Sir David Attenborough’lta, who had found a 23 million year old shark tooth on his family vacation in Malta in the 1960s.

As early as Monday, the Maltese Minister of Culture Jose Herrera threatened to make the wheels spin to get the tooth back to the small island nation.

The opinion changed abruptly, but the reason for the U-turn has not been told. However, the use of Herrera was hotly criticized on social media and it was recalled that similar shark teeth can be bought for less than € 50.

A murdered journalist who fought corruption Dahne Caruana in Galicia son Matthew Caruana Galizia wrote on Twitter that Herrera would rather campaign against bribes than try to deprive a child of a gift.