The autonomy of electric cars It is the big problem half solved of this type of vehicle. For many drivers, it is often the reason to rethink the leap to sustainable mobility and is always accompanied by the lack of recharging points outside the main cities and highways.

Also, buying an electric car is not as simple as going to the dealer, since it implies changing the way of driving. From the PSA group they warn that driving should be smoother and more moderate than when using the pedals of a fuel engine. It is important to pay attention to certain factors and follow a few tricks before getting on an electric to achieve, according to this manufacturer, up to 35% more autonomy in the new generation of electric.

Be careful with the accelerator

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The temptation to hit the gas when driving a zero-emission vehicle is due to the full availability of the engine torque, But the range of electric cars performs less at high speeds. Although it is true that on the road there are few solutions to this extra energy consumption, in the city you have to try to make the most of inertia and try to travel as many meters as possible without accelerating.

Why? Because in zero-emission cars the batteries take advantage of this inertia thanks to the energy regeneration system. With it, it is calculated that for each kilometer traveled 300 meters of additional energy are achieved.

Contrary to the combustion engine

The vehicles that they circulate 100% in electric mode they work, in some respects, the reverse of the combustion engine. This is the case in traffic jams and heavy traffic situations: the electric ones increase their radius of action to recover energy from braking and slow speeds.

Unlike combustion engines, whose consumption soars in this type of context, zero emissions are perfect to drive around city and thus add meters to the battery.

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Beware of the extras

The extras, if added or used without a bit of attention, They end up taking their toll whatever the type of engine. The same happens with trunk loads. Thus, to prevent the autonomy of an electric car from firing, it is necessary to avoid this type of overload.

With the use of the air conditioning system, The trick is to achieve the ideal temperature of the cabin when the battery is charging, so as not to lose an iota of energy during the route. From PSA they calculate that excessive use of the air conditioner can reduce the operating range of the battery by 35%.

Tire pressure can also influence the energy consumed by the car and therefore its range. Under-inflated wheels consume more energy and reduce available mileage, as in combustion cars increase fuel consumption.

Plan the route

In this case, electric ones behave the same as combustion engines. It is better to plan your routes and try to avoid hilly roads or uneven ports to reduce energy consumption.