In Russia’s Far East, environmental organizations fear a major natural disaster. Pictures taken from the shores show dead octopuses, seals and other animals.

BBC:n according to a large part of the sea is discolored to an unhealthy color.

Locals have reported experiencing symptoms from the water.

Experts who studied the area on Tuesday said that 90 percent of the seabed organisms in the study area have died. The study area is located near the island of Starichkov in Avachinsk Bay, where contamination has been observed.

– When we dived to a depth of five or fifteen meters, dead sea urchins, starfish, fish, long-legged and sea worms [ja muita meren eliöitä] was visible throughout the dive, included in the baseline study Alexander Korobokin said Interfaxine by.

Interfaxine according to which the pollution is to be prosecuted, and materials for this have been submitted to the committee of inquiry on Wednesday.

Authorities have previously indicated that the problem was not man-made and downplayed the severity of the pollution, Reuters reports.

“My vision has deteriorated”

Surfers at sea have reported nausea after coming out of the water.

– At first I felt my eyes felt like sandpaper, they were in pain and they turned red. The vision went blurry for several days after I left the water. The situation got worse – soon I couldn’t properly see even the things nearby. I went to an ophthalmologist and he said it was a chemical corneal burn, Maya Rudik tells Reuters.

Member of the Russian surf team Dmitri Lyasov in turn, says dozens of people at the surf camp have vomited and had a 38-degree fever.

– I had good eyesight, but now my doctor says my eyesight has deteriorated, Lyasov says.

What caused the pollution?

On Monday, Greenpeace activists said they found yellowish foam in the water at several different locations.

WWF representative Alexei Knizhnikovin according to the pollution does not look like an oil spill.

“It is likely to be a highly toxic pollution caused by a highly soluble substance, as it has also affected organisms on the seabed,” he told Reuters.

According to Interfax, experts have found more than twice or twice the amount of oil and phenol in the ocean on the shores of Khalaktyrsky.

Waste buried in landfills is suspected to be a possible source of pollution. On Wednesday, experts noted that a nearby Kozelsk pesticide dump has leaked over crustaceans. He tells about it Interfax.

According to experts, toxic algae growing in the area may also play a role in the situation.

Dead animals found in the area have been taken to laboratories in Moscow and Vladivostok for analysis. The results of the studies are expected on Thursday.

Russian Minister of the Environment Dmitry Kobylkin underestimated the seriousness of the situation earlier in the week, according to Reuters. He said he spoke to eight surfers.

– You asked what the severity of the disaster was. This is not about the seriousness of any disaster. No one has died or been injured, he said, according to the RIA.

According to him, pollution does not appear to come from human activity.