Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser are happy about platinum

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The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Maite Kelly and Roland Kaiser: their hit single reaches platinum +++ Howard Carpendale misses his grandson +++ Florian Silbereisen: How is his band Klubbb3?

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11. November

Maite Kelly + Roland Kaiser: Platinum for “Why didn’t you say no”

This duo climbs the Schlager Olympus together! Maite Kelly, 40, and Roland Kaiser, 68, have every reason to be proud. Her hit single “Why Didn’t You Say No” went platinum. The award is given to the two of them by the Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) after over 400,000 recordings of the catchy tune have now been sold. When it was published in 2014, it already hinted at an unprecedented success story. The passionate lyrics of the song, which Maite wrote together with author Götz von Sydow, hits the fans right in the heart. In 2016, the singer and Kaiser were already happy about gold for their successful duet. The video for the song is also a hit on YouTube with around 127 million views. “I think people like it, that’s the only answer I can offer … The song is good, the video is funny – maybe that’s why it goes down well with the people.”, Roland Kaiser explains the huge success in an interview with “Day 24”.

For the grand seigneur of the German hit, the platinum success is a high point even after 40 years of career. He first received an award for a single in 1980. At that time the singer got gold for his evergreen “Santa Maria”.

Platinum awards are nothing new for Kaiser. Most recently he was awarded the noble award for his current album “Alles oder Dich”. Maite, meanwhile, tries her best to keep up with her duet partner. For her two albums “Sieben Leben für dich” (2016) and “Die Liebe siegt anyway” (2017) the sympathetic thoroughbred musician has already bathed in gold. So now the premier class of awards in the music industry. Maybe you would like another duet, Maite and Roland?

10. November

Howard Carpendale misses his grandson

Howard Carpendale, 74, is concerned. The singer is currently stuck with one thought: contact restrictions in times of Corona. Because that also means that the 74-year-old must not get too close to his two grandson Mads. Howard Carpendale loves being a grandfather. He misses his grandson painfully. In an interview with “” the “Ti amo” interpreter shares his feelings.

“He already has a very big meaning in my life. I hope that we can get there again, that I can hug him,” said the pop star wistfully. Wayne Carpendale, 43, is currently avoiding family reunions out of concern for his father. Because: From the age of 60, the risk of infection generally increases.

However, the chair in the Carpendale house always remains free when Mads has her way. “I have a chair at home where nobody else is allowed to sit but Howie,” reveals the pop singer in an interview. We hope that Howard Carpendale will be able to hug his favorite offspring again soon.

9. November

Florian Silbereisen: What about his band Klubbb3?

Florian Silbereisen, 39, stormed the hit world with his band KLUBBB3. Florian Silbereisen, Jan Smit and Christoff De Bolle have already released three albums together, but Jan Smit’s illness forced the band to take a break.

The member of the band Klubbb3 had already withdrawn from the public in November 2019 because he was “both physically and mentally no longer able to perform or present programs,” said Smit on Twitter, among other things. His time-out continues. What’s next for his band Klubbb3? Florian Silbereisen has now commented on “Brisant”.

“It is currently (…) not the right time for a KLUBBB3 album, the entertainer clarifies in the ARD broadcast. But hope remains. “Then at some point the three of us will sit down together again (…) and say: man, let’s make some music again,” says Florian Silbereisen optimistically. We keep our fingers crossed!

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