Somepersoona Maisa Torppa, 29, told Posse live about the negative comments he receives on social media. He also talked about his relationship.

The croft got married early in the year IT-Mikoksi with his titled spouse. Torppa told Posse that the couple’s coexistence is still like a honeymoon.

– After all, this is just the Honeymoon phase and I would like not to move when I hope this lasts as long as possible, Torppa said.

Saariluoma asked at the beginning of the broadcast if Torpa’s spouse would ever be seen in public.

– I once tried a relationship where both people are in the public eye, so no, Torppa replied.

Nasty comments

Torppa said he intentionally omits nasty somommo comments so people can see what kind of comments he has to see.

– I’ve done it quite a conscious choice, that if there is not anything really insurmountable something outrageous or threatening, or such, so I leave them there on purpose just to view, Maisa said.

In certain cases, however, he makes exceptions and removes comments.

– If there is something really outrageous and barking and defamatory material, then at that point it will leave, he continued.

Torppa feels that negative somomi comments tell about a broader problem: That people are feeling bad. During the corona pandemic, the situation in this area has deteriorated further, he said.

– Note from some comments that people may feel worse because they become more of those negative comments.

Although Torppa has been cooked in many broths, he admits that even to this day, certain comments hurt.

– I would like to say that they do not seem any, but I’m human and I’m a sensitive person and I learned from it, and most of them will go away, but I can not say that, of course, as they dazzles.

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