Maiara confirms dating back with Fernando in photo: ‘Man of my life’

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Rumors of reconciliation between Maiara and Fernando started in August

The rumors involving a possible reconciliation of the sertanejos gained strength after Maiara was caught on the sidelines of the live of, then, ex in late August. Gaining support from Biah Rodrigues around the relationship, the singer was still titled by Fernando’s daughter, Kamily, as the “father’s girlfriend”. “I would never waste my time talking about my father’s girlfriend, even more speaking badly. Understand that I don’t care about this subject, my life doesn’t revolve around him and his love life”, warned the girl in an outburst on the web at October 8th.

Photo of Maiara e Fernando shakes Sorocaba and more famous

The confirmation of the return of the courtship of Maiara and Fernando Zor was commented by the famous. “That’s what I’m talking about”, celebrated Biah Rodrigues and Roze Motta agreed: “Ae !!! I love you, Fernando and Maiara”. The publication also drew the attention of artists such as Sorocaba, Caue Garcia and Lucas Lucco. “God be with you always. I will be cheering for the two always”, warned Munhoz and Mariana Fagundes agreed: “I love”. Internet users also celebrated the news. “Oh people, for God’s sake, get married soon (laughs)”, asked a follower and another one warned: “Where there is love there is nothing in the world to separate!”.

(By Ana Clara Xavier)


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