Magnussen: Portimao has a really cool track

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In his youth, Kevin Magnussen worked in Portimao for tests – and looks forward to the upcoming stage with interest …

Question the Weekend of the Eifel Grand Prix because of the weather turned out to be two days. What did the team have difficulties with preparing for the qualification and race?
Kevin Magnussen: There was only one training session before the qualification and it turned out to be interesting. It was necessary to quickly pick up speed, be creative, improvise. Nobody knew how the tires would behave in the race – as a result, the race turned out to be interesting. I’m looking forward to the next two-day weekend in Imola.

Q: At the qualification at the Nurburgring, you reached the second part of qualification for the fourth time this season. What do you expect from the VF-20 to maximize the potential of the car on a fast lap?
Kevin MagnussenOverall, the VF-20 has good handling. I want a car with a stable rear end at corner entry and not too much understeer at the apex.

This is not easy to achieve. Once you reach rear end stability, you often experience a lot of understeer. A compromise is needed. During the weekend, you try to find him, to get the most out of all the systems and capabilities of the machine.

Q: This weekend we will hold the Portuguese Grand Prix at the Algarve international circuit. What do you know about this track?
Kevin Magnussen: A long time ago, as a young man, I worked there on tests. I remember that this is a really steep track – difficult, with a lot of “blind” turns. There is where to overtake, there is a long straight. I look forward to the start of the weekend.

Q: At what point do you start to feel comfortable on a new track? When does the transition from learning configuration to working with settings take place?
Kevin Magnussen: The reality is that you are constantly learning – with each lap you strive to go faster, find the best pace. This happens all the time, there is always something to add and where.



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