Magnussen: High fuel consumption on the highway in Sochi

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Kevin Magnussen loves Sochi Autodrom, Danish Haas F1 racer thinks it has a pretty interesting lap configuration and has its own unique features.

Q: After the Grand Prix of Tuscany, the problems that arose there at the restart and safety issues came to the fore. You had time to analyze everything that happened in that race – what can you say about how events developed then, and what can be done to avoid similar incidents in the future?
Kevin Magnussen: I think the accident was due to the fact that some of the riders ahead of me tried to accelerate sharply to accelerate by the time they crossed the restart line. First, they let their rivals go ahead, and then they accelerated and then realized that they had to brake again – this was what caused a chain reaction that affected the rest of the peloton.

As a result, this led to the fact that some did not have time to react. That’s why it happened. To solve the problem, it is necessary to revise the restart procedure, otherwise all this will be repeated.

Q: It seems that the track in Mugello, which appeared in the adjusted calendar of this season, everyone liked. Would you like the championship calendar to be more flexible, so that tracks like Mugello host races with other circuits every two years, because this will add additional variety?
Kevin Magnussen: Mugello is a great track that is a real pleasure to ride. Although there are high speeds, a high level of downforce, and everyone thought that it would be very difficult to overtake there, it turned out that overtaking is quite possible. We’ve seen quite a few of them.

They were not only in Formula 3 and Formula 2, but also in F1, where it is even more difficult to chase an opponent’s car. In my opinion, Formula 1 is beneficial when the races are held on the tracks of the old school, such as Mugello. There are more surprises, the cost of mistakes is higher, their consequences are more serious, so the race becomes more spectacular.

Question: What should the team pay attention to when setting up a car for the Russian Grand Prix in order to take into account the peculiarities of Sochi Autodrom? What can be the most difficult?
Kevin Magnussen:
High fuel consumption on the highway in Sochi. There you always have to save gas. The track is technically challenging and has unique features as it is very wide, with many mid-speed corners.

Personally, I think this is a great track. There are wide departure zones, this is typical for new racing tracks, but the configuration of the circle is quite interesting. Usually I played well there, and I hope that this year everything will turn out well too.

Question: What part of the circle at Sochi Autodrom do you like the most, and what moment related to the Russian Grand Prix do you like to remember?
Kevin Magnussen: The second sector is cool there, from the 7th to the 9th turn is the high-speed section, and the turns are quite technical. I also like the protracted 3rd turn – this left turn can be considered a unique part of the track, it is not found anywhere else.

I was always lucky on this track, in 2014 I took 5th place there and more than once finished in the top ten. There I have always successfully conducted races, I don’t even know why.



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