Maduro gives EU ambassador 72 hours to leave Venezuela for her “interference policy”

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Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro announced on Monday that European Union (EU) ambassador Isabel Brilhante Pedrosa has 72 hours to leave the country due to the ‘colonialist’ policy of the Brussels government.

“I have decided to give the European Union Ambassador 72 hours to leave our country,” said President Maduro during the final ceremony for the prize for national journalism Simón Bolívar.

“Enough European colonialism against Venezuela is enough!” Maduro said, pointing out that “an airplane” is being loaned “to Pedrosa” to leave, but now. “

“We are going to organize our business with the European Union and we are going step by step and enough is enough and if they don’t want us to leave, if they don’t respect Venezuela, they have to respect Venezuela as integrity, as a nation,” Maduro insisted.

President Maduro’s decision comes hours after the EU Council listed eleven Venezuelan government officials on the list of people, more than 30 of whom are said to have taken actions that pose a risk and attack democracy and the rule of law. Venezuela.

The EU decided in November 2017 to take restrictive measures against the government of Venezuela and some of its officials, who have frozen assets and are not allowed to travel to Member States of the Union.



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