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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has announced that there will be no face-to-face classes for the remainder of the year due to the new coronavirus crisis, so distance learning will continue at least until January 2021, when the Government, it has explained, will assess the possibility of returning or not to the classrooms.

“Without a doubt, the face-to-face return to classes is not favorable for the control of the pandemic,” Maduro explained during his weekly televised speech to assess the situation of the health crisis of the COVID-19.

Bet on the vaccine

In this sense, Maduro has insisted that he resume the classes in person in a hasty manner, it could cause an increase in coronavirus cases and has explained that the new normal will only be possible when a vaccine is achieved, which he stressed, will be administered free of charge to the entire Venezuelan population.

On the other hand, the president of Venezuela It has also communicated that as of this Monday, the country will again be subject to a week of radical quarantine and has defended the effectiveness of the 7 + 7 scheme, seven days of confinement followed by a week of economic activity, comparing the situation of the country in relation to that of other neighboring countries.

Perfect combination

“I watch a lot of television and without a doubt, Venezuelans have managed to hit the nail on the head. In some countries, for example Chile, yesterday they extended the state of emergency and of exception 90 days more and they have putting up with people in their homes and of course they can’t stand it, “he said.

“We have hit the nail on the head,” he insisted, as Venezuela, he said, has achieved “the perfect combination of the conscious radical forty with the necessary flexibility and there we must manage until we have the confirmed vaccine “, has defended.

Vaccination program

Maduro has also announced that from September 15 to November 30, the country’s authorities will initiate a free vaccination plan to immunize the population from other possible diseases, in order to strengthen the health of Venezuelans against the pandemic.

In the last balance of the Venezuelan authorities, they have confirmed 59,630 accumulated cases of the new coronavirus and 477 deaths. Although there are still 11,424 active cases, 80 percent of the infections, 47,729, correspond to patients who have already overcome the disease.



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