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The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, announced this Sunday that from tomorrow a broad reopening of commerce and other economic activities will begin in the country, including clubs and beaches, sites that have been officially closed since mid-March.

“The curve (for COVID-19 infections) has flattened and the curve is steadily descending,” said the president before explaining the sectors that will be able to return to work, after seven months closed, since the first cases were detected. of coronavirus in Venezuela and a national quarantine began to govern.

The reopening list includes toy stores, furniture stores, small outlets of various kinds, confectioneries, jewelry stores, pawn shops, flower shops, nurseries, restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors and perfume shops, establishments that in some cases had already started working despite the government ban.

Maduro announced that this Monday they will also reopen the stores dedicated exclusively to the sale of liquors, as well as clubs and amusement or theme parks, spaces whose closure has been more closely monitored by the Executive.

Relaxation also includes spas, beaches, inns, hotels, public events in open spaces, drive-ins, and other outdoor activities.

Regarding the reactivation of the State agencies, he announced that Identification and immigration offices will reopen, attention to land transport and defense of users and consumers.

“Let no one lower their guard (…) we cannot claim victory,” insisted the president, who asked citizens to continue wearing a mask and applying social distancing to be able to advance in new flexibilities with a view to December, when he plans to reactivate international flights .

Five more deaths

Venezuela added 347 new cases of coronavirus and five deaths this Sunday, which leaves a total of 736 deaths and 86,636 registered patients, although, according to the Government, 79,694 have already recovered from the disease.

The executive vice president, Delcy Rodríguez, explained that 339 of the new infections were caused by community transmission, mainly in the state of Táchira (bordering Colombia), which accounted for 99 cases, followed by Caracas with 42 and Yaracuy (west) with 41.

The other 8 cases were registered as “imported”, as the Executive calls the Venezuelans who return infected to the country, mainly from neighboring Colombia, and who are held for several days at the land borders, under mandatory quarantine.

Regarding the deceased, the vice president explained that they were three women between 66 and 86 years old, as well as two men between 60 and 75 years old.

Maduro advanced as “good news” that the country is testing equine plasma serum to treat COVID-19 patients and so far, he said, “this treatment is working well.”



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