Maduro announces new weapons system with help from Russia and China

The Venezuelan President, Nicolas Maduro, announced the creation of a military council to make the country’s weapons system more independent, with the help of “sister” nations, among which it mentioned China, Russia, Iran and Cuba, and denounced a plan with mercenaries to attack positions from Colombia. border military.

“We are going to activate in style the ‘Scientific and Technological Military Council’ that will give it independence in the weapons system to Venezuela“, said the president during an act with the military, without specifying when the installation of this new instance will be, which, he estimates, will occur no later than mid-November.

Military cooperation

This council, he advanced, will have “the best minds”, as well as the “advice and help” of Russia, China, Iran, Cuba “and many other sister countries in the world”, with which they hope to establish and expand military cooperation.

“It is going to fly high, it is going to be of great use to technology, science and military industry (…), the country and the world will be impressed, “he said.

At the end of this meeting with military leaders, Maduro asked the members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), “to be vigilant and prepared for the attacks” that he attributed to his Colombian counterpart, Ivan duque, whom he labeled a “massacre”.

“Since Colombia they prepare a thousand mercenaries to attack military posts on the border, to attack our country, “he said.

Threats from Colombia

Therefore, he asked the military to be “prepared and ready to reject any armed incursion, any aggression by the Government of Colombia “, as well as to defend the country’s border with Brazil and the Caribbean Sea” against any enemy or mercenary. “

Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, who participated in the meeting, said that the FANB has “eyes and ears even in the last corner” of the Venezuelan territory to identify “conspiratorial elements to be alert to conspiracies and attacks”, plans that, he assured, generally come from neighboring Colombia.

In an institutional statement issued by Twitter, the Venezuelan president has once again accused the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, of having thousand mercenaries training in Colombia to invade the country he leads.



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