Mads Milkkelsen the new Grindenwald!

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Mads Mikkelsen is in talks to fill the role of Grindenwald in the Fantastic Beasts saga in place of Johnny Depp.

According to reports The Wrap, Mads Mikkelsen has begun negotiations to replace Johnny Depp as Gellert Grindenwald in Fantastic Beasts 3! Only yesterday we were talking about some possible actors for the role and the Danish was not even contemplated.

Warner has no time to waste, after all, to replace Depp, “forced” to resign following the British court ruling which saw him lose the libel suit filed against “The Sun”, which had accused him in black and white of being a “wife beater”. An infamous and probably not true accusation (it is also one first instance sentence, against which the actor will appeal), which, however, cost him the seat, unleashing the anger of the fans.

L’Exit world of Fantastic Beasts 3 it was moved to July 15, 2022 and filming had already started, so a new actor is urgently needed. According to an inside source who told The Wrap, unlike what was initially reported, Johnny depp he hadn’t shot any scenes yet, so there would be no need to shoot them with another performer.

Regardless of the sorrow and admiration for Depp – a campaign to give him back the role, under penalty of a boycott, immediately started by his fans – the choice of a capable and charismatic actor as Mads Mikkelsen – already appeared in spectacular films such as Rogue One e Doctor Strange – looks great. At the moment, Mikkelsen, referred to at the Rome film festival we have just seen Another round, concluded the filming of Chaos Walking of Doug Liman and is therefore free. We await the signature on the contract to give the mathematical certainty of this news.


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