Madrid recognizes that it will be very difficult to control the closures of the sanitary zones

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The Community of Madrid has set itself a major challenge. Without precedents. Isolate 37 different sanitary zones populated by almost a million inhabitants so that no one enters or leaves them without a good reason. Its leaders took this Saturday the first step to face it, admitting its complexity. The Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, acknowledged that it is “Very difficult” to control the perimeters of enclosed areas and that the police will only do random and dissuasive checks.

The random checks will focus on asking a certain number of people what is their justification for moving or leaving the area. Therein lies another difficulty. The exceptions are so many that it will be difficult to check some. “We are going to establish that someone accredits whether he is going to work, to the university or to the colleges,” said the counselor. That sounds easy, but what if you are taking care of a relative, one of the exceptions provided, how do you justify it?

Passing cars

It is also allowed to transit by car whenever it is passing through. If they stop you, with saying that you are passing through, matter settled. Not?

All these issues and the operation to be deployed will begin to be coordinated at the meeting that this Sunday will be held by those responsible for the security of all the affected municipalities, the Government Delegation and the Community of Madrid. Several affected municipalities have already complained that they were not informed in time and they have discussed the timing of the measure, despite which they must order their local police officers to collaborate. The Government has already shown its willingness to provide members of the National Police and the Civil Guard

Nor is it planned to control people who have already left the neighborhood and spend the day elsewhere. Combing the entire city is another impossible task. The complaint of many restaurants and bars was yesterday in that line. “They make us close at 10 pm, which is death for a restaurant, but those from here will go two streets further to those who are open,” lamented the owner of a local owner in the Ciudad Lineal district.

Aware of this problem, the Minister of Health himself appealed in his statements to “Individual responsibility” as a last resort for the enforcement of confinements. The difficulty lies in the rejection with which the measure has been received in the affected neighborhoods.


Many neighbors feel discriminated against and the idea that they are confined is permeating because most of them are poor and immigrants. The wick that has lit that flame was lit by the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, when he blamed the “way of life of immigrants” for the spread of the virus in Madrid. The plan does not include any compensatory social measures.

It also doesn’t help that most experts believe that it is going to be an almost useless sacrifice “because in addition to being late, it is poorly designed and community transmission is so widespread that it is already necessary to decree the state of alarm and confine much larger areas. «I would not like to be in his place. Managing a pandemic is very difficult, but the truth is that it cannot be done worse than in Madrid ”, adds Pepe Martínez Olmos, Secretary General of Health under five ministers.

It is understood that the slogan that the confinement is “unfair and ineffective” launched by the neighborhood associations of the affected neighborhoods has made a fortune, although in reality the areas have been chosen because they are those with the highest incidence of the virus. But confinement is more difficult to achieve if the vast majority of the population is not convinced that it is necessary.

Eighty social organizations and more than 300 people, including politicians, public officials, intellectuals and activists, the majority linked to Podemos and Íñigo Errejón’s party, yesterday made public a manifesto calling for the resignation of the president of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, for her “statements racists and their incompetence ”in managing the pandemic.



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