2,645 new cases of Coronavirus and 45 deaths in hospitals have been registered by the Madrid’s community, 1,220 of them belonging to the last 24 hours. A fairly high increase compared to the 726 assigned to the day of last Monday.

In total, since the last report published, 259,322 positives have been achieved by PCR since the beginning of the pandemic. However, the number of registered hospitalized patients has fallen to 2,900, while ICU patients stand at 489, with 376 hospital discharges yesterday.

“Progress and good tuning” at the first meeting of the governments of Spain and Madrid after the closure of the capital

For its part, the number of patients under home care for primary care has increased to 12,982, adding to a total of 449,543. While the death toll reaches 16,742 people, according to Mortuary Health data.

In the accumulated, 60,048 patients have required hospitalization, 5,262 ICUs and 54,884 have been discharged from hospital. The total death toll stands at 16,742, according to Mortuary Health data (4,874 in social health centers, 10,803 in hospitals, 1,035 in homes and 30 in other places).