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Madrilenians should prepare for the extension in the coming weeks to the rest or a good part of the autonomous community of the confinement applied since yesterday to 37 sanitary areas. So much Pedro Sanchez how Isabel Díaz Ayuso, To varying degrees, they have dropped this Monday after their summit in Puerta del Sol that more drastic measures will have to be taken if the virus does not remit. And the probability of this happening is very, very slim.

A few hours after the meeting, the figures for the day came from the Ministry of Health: those hospitalized by covid are around 4,000, which occupy a quarter of the available beds, while the incidence was fired again no less than 60 points, reached 740 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, well above that registered in populations that other autonomies have already confined.

Hard weeks to come

“I have asked him [a Ayuso] that we are ready for other scenarios if necessary “, in the “tough weeks to come”, Sánchez explained. At the same time, Ayuso warned that if the measures implemented this Monday, with a validity of 14 days, “work” and there is a “worrying projection in other areas of Madrid”, they will be extended to these areas. He did not say what will happen if they do not work but it was not necessary.

A few hours later, Fernando Simon, the visible face of the Government in the pandemic, recently incorporated from its television holidays in Mallorca, abounded in the same idea, pointing out that “in the coming days it will be extender [los confinamientos selectivos] to part or to the rest of the community “.

Unsuccessful pressure

It is no secret that the Ministry of Health had been pressing for several weeks without success for Madrid to apply the drastic measures taken by other communities with a lower incidence of the virus. For the goverment, the confinement of the 37 areas has come too late, it will be ineffective and on top of that it discriminates against the poorest neighborhoods.

Some sectors called on the Executive to take command through the declaration of the State of Alarm, but given the political wear and tear that this could entail, Sánchez seems to have opted for a more Florentine intervention.

Sánchez’s lever

The president has managed to get Ayuso to accept the creation of a joint commission, the so-called Covid-19 Group, “which will meet weekly, with the aim of coordinating and planning responses against the pandemic.” In addition to two government ministers, the one for Health and the one for Territorial Policy and Public Function, the group is made up of the vice president Ignacio Aguado, Citizens, and the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, both dissatisfied with the line of the president to put the economy ahead of health. The latter declared last Sunday to ABC that “If it is necessary to close Madrid, it will be done, we must speak it naturally.”

The commission’s proposals “will serve as recommendations to the own actions that the government of the Autonomous Community of Madrid will continue to carry out in the exercise of its powers “, reads the pact, but the commission will appoint” a technical health spokesman “, a Fernando Simón from Madrid, who should make them public. Ayuso’s margin to oppose them seems slim.

Simon announced yesterday that the extension of the confinements will be debated within this new cooperation body. Although Sánchez insisted that he had not come “to evaluate, judge or protect, only to help,” the small print says something very different.

State aid

In exchange for this assignment, Ayuso obtained the promise of the foreign aid he needs to get the Community out of the quagmire. Two technical support commissions that will depend on the Covid-19 Group will establish coordination mechanisms for the Government to satisfy, even in part, the ‘letter to the Kings’ that President Ayuso aired at her press conference: financial resources to hire health personnel or teachers, an “organic law” of the pandemic, which serves as a “national umbrella” for all administrations, support of the State security forces to monitor restrictions and disinfection work. PCR on all travelers entering through the airport and a field hospital in Barajas and other strategic areas where serological tests are carried out.

Sánchez even bought in his official speech the argument that Madrid’s bad situation is due to its role as a crossroads and its great density. That is not what he thinks was made clear by his parliamentary spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, that last Sunday he attributed the chaos to the “incompetence” of the regional president. The PSOE has called on Sunday together with Podemos and Más Madrid, a protest in Sol against “segregating confinements”.



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