If the main leagues of American sports such as the NBA, NFL or MLB have the best players and teams in basketball, American football or world baseball, in football they cannot boast of it. However, that does not deprive Americans of enjoy real level matches and why not, the surrealism which also has soccer as its essence in the MLS.

Proof of this was the meeting last night between the Orlando City and New York City in the first round of the Major League Soccer playoffs, which ended up being decided with an unusual penalty shoot-out that had a real unexpected hero.

When Orlando had already scored four maximum penalties, the New Yorkers were preparing to take their fifth penalty with a failure already on their scoreboard, so they had to score to stay alive. Gallese stopped the launch of Castellanos, but after reviewing it with the VAR, the shot it was repeated because the goalkeeper went ahead in the shot, and, to make matters worse, the Peruvian saw the second yellow and was expelled for that action.

In the repetition of the penalty, New York scores but Nani misses the decisive shot for the purple ones, who are doomed to sudden death, with their defense Rodrigo Schlegel under sticks. After a goal for each team, the moment of glory came for Schlegel stopping the NY shot with an epic stop.

Now yes, Orlando took advantage of his option to end the match scoring the final maximum penalty and achieving the go to the semifinals of Major League Soccer, in search of a historical title.