On Wednesday, October 28, shortly after midnight, a multitude of alarms broke the silence in one of Rome’s districts. In Colli Albani Street, a man was walking past parked cars, one by one, damaging each with an iron pipe – typically damage to the windshield, bodywork or roof.

Nor was the vandal impressed by the fact that the inhabitants kept shouting and scolding him. Some tried to stop him with physical force, but reacted more aggressively to it. However, the majority watched helplessly as they caused damage to their cars after a night curfew in Italy came into force a few days earlier due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Dozens were reported to the police, not long after the uniforms arrived at the scene, then the 41-year-old Egyptian man also calmed down. He set the iron pipe down on the ground, allowing himself to be arrested without resistance — knowing he was not under the influence of either alcohol or drugs.

The motive is still unknown, but it is certain that it caused damage of around EUR 10 000 in just a few minutes. The news was originally a report Courier service published a recording of one of the residents there about night vandalism: