Maarit Hurmerinna’s gigs canceled: “Musicians are always the ones who fall into the abyss” – new radio channel supports distressed music professionals

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Today The Anna se soida radio channel, which has been established as a support measure for the Finnish music industry, begins operations. When public events were banned due to the coronavirus in March, work ceased for anyone working in the performing arts – including the music industry.

The radio channel is part of a wider campaign of the same name. The aim of the campaign is to collect a support pot of one million euros for music professionals. Support can be provided by both individuals and companies.

Sanoma has donated EUR 340,000 for the initial capital of the Anna it soida campaign. Support is distributed through the Music Promotion Foundation.

long made a singing career Maarit Hurmerinta has seen and experienced during the spring that support is needed.

– The musicians are really in trouble. The corona crisis has hit all music performers as well as technicians, sound and light men, he says.

Maarit is touring as a duo with her husband, a guitarist Sami Hurmerinnan as well as a soloist with a larger band.

– Then there are about a dozen of us on the road.

And during the spring, these dozen professionals who made a living from Maarit’s gigs have been out of work.

During the spring and summer, “dozens of gigs” were canceled from Maarit.

– The cancellation of the gigs then in the spring was really a big disappointment. Fortunately, apparently none of the gigs were canceled permanently, but new days have been sought for them.

And more of himself, he laments young artists in the early stages of their careers.

– I think of those who have put all the bangs on making music from their hearts, bought equipment – and now they have fallen on nothing. They may not yet have any old recordings playing on the radio, but instead may have mortgage debt and small children, Maarit describes.

– Musicians are always the ones who fall into the abyss. We are freelancers and we do not normally even have the opportunity to apply for unemployment benefits, for example, as employees. Of course, this is our career choice.

Koronakevään Maarit has used – like many other musicians – to write new songs.

– It is always said to us musicians: “This time can be used for creativity!” Sure it can, but if there are bad financial worries on it, then creation wants to be behind the pain.

And if one makes the mind wise that “art arises from pain,” then Maarit recalls that usually a painful, potentially inspiring experience is behind and dealt with before one can write about it.

– When the situation is on, doing it is challenging.

However, Maarit has been able to write four songs. Whether they will ever be published remains to be seen. The schedule for the next album is covered in twilight – surprise, surprise – because of the corona. Released in January last year Foggy garden a sequel to the album would probably have been released next winter, but now the schedule is open.

Musical factors, like all others, are offset by the uncertainty surrounding the corona epidemic. The first wave of the virus seems to have largely calmed down in Finland, but there is different news from around the world. Will the second wave come to Finland? What else does it affect work – musicians, among others?

– I hope all people feel their responsibilities. We are fucked if we are indifferent to precautions now.

Bright spot during the coron spring, Maarit has had time with her grandchildren. Although he and Sami hardly met anyone, the same family was also counted Exciting-daughter – and her firstborn born last summer as well Samuliboy 2 years old Fiona-daughter.

– Meeting the children has been wonderful and comforting.

Janna Noahboy in his arms Maarit also flashes with a video of the charity song in front of New.

– There was such a rush to do it, that Janna filmed the video just before it had to be forwarded. And in the middle of it all, the baby started crying. I had to take it in my arms!

The Let It Call campaign and radio channel and Ilta-Sanomat are part of Sanomat.



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