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In his first appearance after the report on the previous management, the boss of the club reviewed some points of the audit that was known in recent days. And surprised with the proposal that he made to one of his vices.

The bomb exploded on Monday night when Boca presented a report on Daniel Angelici’s management, through a PDF file and a video of more than half an hour. And in the last hours Jorge Amor Ameal spoke for the first time. “Hopefully with this talk we can explain what is the reality of all this,” started the president in Toti Pasman’s Soccer 910 program. And he went on to develop different themes, including The proposal that he has been making to his vice president Juan Román Riquelme!

At the beginning of the talk on Radio La Red, Ameal reiterated some questions related to the sales of Benedetto and Nández and then he detailed how the advance of a capital gain to Talleres of 3,000,000 dollars was. “We are going to take all this to justice,” he said.

Later, he said that Bragarnik collected $ 100,000 from commission for the sale of pipe and then another for 830,000 to a Dutch company. “All of these are contracts and they must be brought to justice. We are willing that this never happen again.”

Ameal also clarified that the reports are the product of those who manage the club and it is not an audit. And that “Bermúdez fell short of 85 million.”

Regarding the Ezeiza Training Center, Ameal explained that Juan roman riquelme, his brother Cristian and the Soccer Council took care to improve some issues on the playing fields of the property. “When do they say what they do? There it is,” he said, and at the same time justified the controversial hiring of the son of Jorge Bermudez. “It is true that he works at the club. We are changing the feeding system of the players and the boss’s son is one of those who works in silence.”

This Tuesday, Diego Lajst and Christian Gribaudo, two former leaders of the previous Commission, hit through the networks, where they accused Ameal of “liar” and of putting politics in the club. “They will have the right to say what they want, I will not enter into discussion with them,” he said. And then he clarified that with Carlos Montero, despite being a friend of Alberto Fernández, he is a lifelong man in the club. “When they talk about politics, they should look inside, not outside,” completed and referred to Gribaudo as an official of the Macri Government.

“We don’t talk about all this, each institution has to solve its issues. If it is decided tomorrow that River plays in Ezeiza, it will play. If tomorrow, due to an economic result, we have to go to Ezeiza, we also have the fields in good condition. “

“I just broke up with Rodolfo. We have an idea of ​​a championship with 20 teams, back and forth and relegation. We have an excellent relationship and we are going the same way.

“I do not know where it comes from. The things that are not signed are not serious. They will tell us who did it. But that is not serious.”

“Clemente is a barbarian boy. I have affection. If the technician sees fit and the Council … Do you know who I would like to play? Roman. I tell him permanently. I always tell him that he has to play. I see him and tell him how good you are, you are here to play. We would need about seven or eight Bomboneras if I came back. “

“Did you ever see him play badly? If they talk about Verón in Estudiantes, how can we not talk about Roman in Boca. He is 42 years old and whole. I hope I can play a game for the points. Instead of saying goodbye, I would like him to come back and retire playing “,

“I trust a lot, a lot in the squad and the coach. Do not forget that with Roman and the Council we saw the championship very far and today Boca is the last champion. They said that you had to bring a nine and the nine is Carlitos. All Boosted Players“.


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