Luxurious Hungarian successes in the WTCR Hungaroring timekeeper

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Stands of rain, cold and emptiness – in addition to the fact that there had never been an example before the truck had to share the championship at the Hungaroring at the same time as the European Championships (ETRC), unusual conditions welcomed the field of the Touring Car World Cup (WTCR). Competitors had to cycle on a wet track all day, and after Esteban Guerrieri confidently dominated the free practice, the qualification was practically held right in the middle of the second race of the Kiss Norbi!

On the time trial, Guerrieri continued where he had stopped shortly before, earning a pole with Q1 in the lead – and then another at the end of Q3. Thus, Münnich Motorsport’s Argentina improved his league chances a lot, already climbing to third place in the table and carving his composite lag from 35 to 28 points against list leader Yann Ehrlacher, who will try to stay in the gap with two third and one eighth places.

From a Hungarian point of view, we can talk about joy and sorrow at the same time. Hyundai had a technical flaw, so in addition to the lack of pace, the brand had to cope with it – but it resulted in all four of their cars falling out at the end of Q1. Norbert Michelisz can only start all three races from the 15th starting cube, so although he cut his weekend with the intention of keeping the hope of defending the title alive, this lap seems to have run.

At Zengő Motorsport, on the other hand, the successes were accumulated, after Bence Boldizs also advanced to the second stage, in addition to Mikel Azcona, who also excelled in free practice in the previous weekend in Slovakia. In the end, the Hungarian rookie could not advance from 11th place, and the Spaniard was not sent to the field in time in Q3, so he had to reach the fifth place – in addition to the 2nd and 9th places he had gained in the previous stages.

Hours later, the turn came: Gilles Magnus Audija, who was at the forefront of the championship, did not pass the clearance test, so the Belgian was subsequently disqualified from the timer – and after falling 7th in Q2, Boldiz won a 10th position. ranked as, which means the pole position for the second race on the reverse grid! The Zengő team was in a similar situation in 2018, when Norbi Nagy became second in Slovakiaring.

“Unbelievable, I don’t even know what to react to” Boldizs said after inheriting the pole from Yvan Muller. “This is bad luck for Gilles, but it is good for me, and I am especially happy that he came together at our Hungarian competition, the Hungaroring. It’s unfortunate that the fans can’t be here, but I can’t wait to get up to the pole position tomorrow. I’m not going to sleep much tonight… ”

Luxurious Hungarian successes in the WTCR Hungaroring timer 3

In addition to Guerrieri, Honda also had a big break on Saturday, leasing the top four places on the combined results list. Attila Tassi also gave his best timing performance so far: a 5th, an 8th and a 2nd place. The fourth Hungarian driver, Gábor Kismarty-Lechner, can take the race from 20th place on all three occasions, the rookie-veteran of Zengő Motorsport also drove the last time.

9:15, 12:15 and 16:15 – these three dates are worth noting in connection with today, when the WTCR races will be held at the Hungaroring. Eurosport 2 will broadcast the first two races, Sport 1 the first and Sport 2 the second and third matches live.

Source: FIA WTCR, Vezess

Image source (s): DPPI / FIA WTCR Media, Honda Racing WTCR



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