The top team of the Finnish Championship League The winning tube of Luko’s six matches came to an end in Kouvola when KooKoo hammered Pekka Virran men with goals 7–2.

The loss to Luko, one of the champion favorites, was only the second and clearly the largest in the season.

After an unpainted opening batch, KooKoo pressed to the bottom of the gas in the second batch and escaped into a 3-0 lead. After 40 minutes, the game was 4-1. SIZE MOVED TO LOCK Anrei Hakulisen the people of Rauma could not get closer to the narrowing.

Jussi Ahokka the heroes of the home team were hit by the power of 1 + 2 Vilmos Galló and painted twice Erik Karlsson.

Despite the loss, Lukko continues to lead the series. KooKoo your pain fourth.

Arttu Ruotsalainen: 2 + 2

The lynx Arttu Ruotsalainen fought in front of four power points (2 + 2) with Hippos as the tassel ears sought a 6–2 away win from JYP. The Swede rose to the top of the league’s stock exchange.

The bright spot of the people of Jyväskylä was the 17-year-old newcomer Samuel Helenius, who already scored their fourth goal of the season.

TPS:n Markus Nurmi loaded a hat trick in Kuopio, but it was not enough for the series points. KalPa drilled a 5-3 win thanks to a strong second set.

The Savo strongman had knocked the score 1 + 2 Miikka Pitkänen.

In Pori, the Ässät – Sport torque progressed all the way to the winning goal competition, which was decided by Padan Peter Tiivola. The final readings were recorded for Ace 3–2.