Lukashenko is secretly sworn in as president amid protests

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He President of Belarus, Alexandr Lukashenko, has been sworn in for your sixth term in front of the former soviet republic in a ceremony that was not announced in advance, the official Belarusian agency BELTA reported.

The ceremony has been place in Independence Palace of Minsk and has had the assistance of parliamentarians and other authorities of the country.

According to official data, Lukashenko was reelected with 80.1% of the votes in the August 9 elections past, a result that is not recognized by the opposition or by the West and which has unleashed the largest wave of protests in post-Soviet history of Belarus.

Lukashenko He has taken office before hundreds of people, including the main authorities of the country. The president has sworn on the Constitution, a formalism that commits him to “respect the rights and freedoms” of citizens.

Lukashenko it has rejected any concession measure to the protesters, whom it has accused of serving outside interests and seeking regime change. He has only opened up to a constitutional reform, with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, as the main defender on the international scene.

Other governments and organizations, including the European Union, have stated that they do not recognize the August 9 elections and have taken steps to approach opposition leaders such as former presidential candidate Svetlana Tijanovskaya, who this week met with European foreign ministers.



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