The President of Belarus, also called the last dictator in Europe Alexander Lukashenko wonders in an interview with the Russian media that he may have been president for a little too long.

Lukashenko has ruled Belarus since 1994. The last time he was elected president was on August 9 this year, with about 80 percent of the vote. According to the opposition, the election result had been tampered with.

– Yes, I have been president, perhaps a bit too long, said Lukashenko number of its Russian media interview.

But according to Lukashenko, he is the only person who is currently able to protect Belarus.

New elections possible

According to the president, his supporters would be attacked if he were not in power.

There have been huge demonstrations in Belarus since every election, especially every Sunday, demanding Mr Lukashenko’s resignation.

The opposition does not have a decent leader because the leaders have been arrested or driven out of the country.

Mr Lukashenko says he will not resign, but he does not consider it impossible for the country to hold new presidential elections. However, according to Lukashenko, it would require a reform of the constitution.