The decision to impose sanctions on Belarus has been blocked by Cyprus amid Nicosia’s dispute with Turkey in the eastern Mediterranean. After lengthy talks late into the night, European leaders agreed to send a strong message of support to Cyprus and Greece and a harsh warning to Turkey, with the Ankara regime threatened with sanctions if it does not end. drilling activities in the eastern Mediterranean. As a result, negotiations to sanction Belarus have been unblocked.

“We have decided today to implement sanctions on Belarus. It is very important to continue with what we decided a few weeks ago and to send a signal of credibility “, said Charles Michel, President of the European Council. A special procedure will be launched from Friday to sanction about 40 Belarusian officials, he added.

“Alexander Lukashenko is not on this list, but we are closely following the political developments in Minsk,” Michel said. Several diplomats from EU member states have said the Belarusian president could be added to the list if he refuses to hold talks with the opposition.

The dispute over the imposition of sanctions after the process was blocked by Cyprus has put the European Union in a bad light at international level. “It is completely inappropriate that the EU has not reached an agreement to impose sanctions a month and a half after all 27 leaders promised restrictive measures against Belarusian officials responsible for voting fraud and repressing peaceful protests.” said Gitanas Nauseda, President of Lithuania.

Recent decisions by Canada and Britain to impose sanctions have only exacerbated the stalemate in European leaders. In fact, the United Kingdom decided that Alexander Lukashenko could no longer enter British territory and imposed a freeze on his assets.